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Professionalism. Reliability. Honesty.

Principles that we adhere
strictly to the work

Individual weighted and tolerant approach to the client.

Privacy - do not share information with third parties.

Legality - strictly observe the laws of Ukraine. Not to participate in corrupt schemes. We are using only open, public, accessible sources of information.

Full reporting to the client.

Professionalism - quality, within the specified turnaround time, and nothing more.

This website is owned detective agency YurKo-up information from the site, links to the site are permitted only with the permission of the owner, please be careful not to fall for tricks false "detectives"


Services for Business:

Informative and analytical services (Benchmarking)

First of all - the sphere of management, benchmarking, verification and analysis of the collected information on markets, competitors, suppliers, etc. Test business partners.

Undercover applicant

Monitoring service wages, working conditions, etc., competitors, by employment in certain companies (according to customer requirements).

CDD for creditworthiness

At the present time, given the economic conditions of our country - quite topical, before entering into the transaction - it is advisable to check than to wait years for debt recovery.

Advice on ensuring the economic, personnel, information, legal security of the company

Analysis of external and internal threats of the company in order to identify negative factors and eliminate them. Consultations on ensuring, (improving), economic, legal, personnel, information security of the company.

Checking the candidates for the post.

Usually possibilities of personnel (HR) company is not enough to check the details of the candidate for top post, or - same position associated with material goods, Security Company, as experience shows, often or are not competent or interested. Imagine what will happen if a similar position would be an incompetent person, worse rascal... Draw your own conclusions.


Measures to combat the black PR on the Internet. Trolling is the actual problem, and causes a very significant damage to the image of the company, (endless negative reviews, which in fact often do not correspond to reality, simply dismissed employee wanted «spite» avenge, etc.), and the company suffered financial losses and service involves not only the establishment of the person (s) who are engaged - but also carrying out countermeasures to neutralize the effects of such 'activity'.

Advice on optimizing existing Security, in order to increase business efficiency

The service provides a full audit of existing Security company, identified gaps, a significant improvement of security.

Conducting internal investigations into the theft and abuse of staff

Almost every company has employees who are somehow material damage, especially workers, service activities are associated with material goods, sometimes circumstances do not allow you to contact the police, and the forces and means available security (protection), often enough. Besides - is not excluded private interest of the workers said service - in other words - an objective investigation are not talking.

Services for Individuals:

Establishment of the persons with whom lost connection (family, friends)

Sometimes lost communication between family members, friends, boarding schools, orphanages want to know about their relatives.

Information - analytical services

Includes checking the future place of work, study, travel agencies, prediction of certain events, consequences, based on analysis of the information collected.

Checking data provided dating services

This scope is a paradise for marriage fraud. Because to protect themselves from such - check future groom (bride), appropriate enough.

Check the business reputation of the lender

Check the reputation of credit unions and other companies that provide credit for 'favorable' conditions.

Verification of the borrower

Such testing will protect you from litigation with the borrower in the future.

Anti. swindler

Search for people engaged in fraud, particularly in the area of ​​ambassadors: false "lawyers" / "detectives" / "employers" / "sellers" / "business representatives".

Anti. trolling

Measures to combat the black PR on the Internet. Trolling is the actual problem and entails not only material damage, but also the moral suffering. The service includes not only the establishment of the person (s) who are engaged - but also carrying out countermeasures to neutralize the effects of such 'activity'.

Assistance in the investigation of criminal and civil cases

In criminal: the verification of an alibi, the establishment and search of witnesses for the commission of a crime, verification of information. Assist a lawyer in collecting evidence. In civil - divorce proceedings, (checking the facts of breach of the marriage contract, including adultery, etc.), inheritance, (the establishment and search of persons who can claim an inheritance, in addition to the main heir), the check withholding alimony - on the subject of revealing the hidden sources of income of a person whose income is kept alimony. Labor disputes - the search for witnesses, verification of information that confirms the fact of work at the enterprise (in the company). Determination of the location of debtors, persons evading payment of alimony. Assistance to a lawyer, etc.

Check websites for fraud detection of internet scams

This service is not only identification of fraudulent Web sites, online fraud, as well as the elimination of the consequences of such 'action'. This Sites 'employers' offering 'real' employment for a fee, offers all kinds of services, prepaid, online stores that 'sell' on a prepaid basis, every 'action' , etc.

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